The promotion and coordination of the signing of agreements is one of the most important activities of the CGCI.

It consists of negotiating and formalizing interinstitutional relations, through which academic and collaborative activities are specified and ratified within the terms of the said agreements, these being: the exchange of students and teaching staff; the undertaking of joint research projects; lectures; diploma programmes; training programmes; and exchange of publications and material.

External Students in the University of Guadalajara

Estudiantes Externos en la Universidad de Guadalajara

As a student of any institution of higher education in the world, you can choose to study at the University of Guadalajara; if you are part of one of the partner institutions your academic stay at UdeG will be in the form of an exchange. If not, it will be as an independent student.

Exchange students come from a partner institution and benefit from not paying tuition fees at the University of Guadalajara. 

University personnel from other institutions who undertake a stay of academic collaboration in the University of Guadalajara

Personal universitario de otras instituciones en la U. de G.
The CGCI has, at its disposal, an assistance fund to help the University Centres that decide to receive academic personnel from partner institutions in order to undertake a stay of academic collaboration, which could be:

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