Ghannam El Dika


"When I decided to work at the Mexican Embassy in Kuwait, I found myself in a totally new environment. I needed to get started with my plan. For me, my first step was learning Spanish and knowing more about Mexico, so I found PEPE which satisfied these two important needs. UdeG didn’t just teach us Spanish; we had the chance to discover the beauty of Mexico, the culture and the food. And the most important is that I left Guadalajara with many friends from all over the world"

Jonas Wolfram Schmidt


"PEPE not only opens the door to Mexico, its culture and language, but it also strengthens intercultural understanding, connects continents and makes good friends"

Jovanna Alice Leon

Fresno, California, USA

"This was my first experience in Mexico. My favorite part was the excursions and interacting with the local students. When I get back home I will think of you and I will share with my students what I learned in PEPE"

Jesus Sanchez

Orange, California, USA

"I feel proud and very satisfied of being part of PEPE 2017. It is amazing to see how the program staff naturally interacts with the students, even though we come from different parts of the world. The interesting part is that, in reality, we are not so different than we think we are. Only through this kind of exchange programs we can break the barriers that separate us because of ignorance"

Alexa Jaqueline Vaca

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Quiero continuar estudiando el idioma y conectándome con la cultura de mi sangre. Gracias a la gran calidad de profesores en el programa, mi amor por el lenguaje y la cultura mexicana ha crecido. Nada se puede comparar con aprender el español y la cultura mexicana con profesores nativos de México. Este programa sigue mostrando el valor, el poder y la belleza del español y la gente mexicana"

Rosalie Guadalupe Quezada

Fresno, California, USA

"El programa PEPE me abrió los ojos a la cultura mexicana. No sólo me ayudó a hablar mejor español, sino a conocer mucha gente que viene de diferentes partes del mundo. Estudiar en este programa fue una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado en mi vida y les recomiendo a todos que vengan a disfrutar de la hermosa cultura mexicana"