Tequila and Mariachi come together in this central-western part of Mexico, the geographical point where the state of Jalisco is located, with its bountiful lands that have become a synonym for Mexican identity and the cradle of charrería (Mexican rodeo), jaripeos and palenques.


Guadalajara is Mexico’s second biggest city, which in many respects can be considered the quintessential Mexican destination. This is the birthplace of mariachi music and tequila, but also one of the country’s industrial and business centers, sometimes referred to as Mexico's Silicon Valley due to its electronics industry.



Guadalajara promotes one of the most ambitious projects in the American continent, the Creative Digital City (CCD), which is located in the heart of Jalisco’s capital, and concentrates creative industries such as studios involved in the production of film, television, videogames, CGI, interactive media and mobile apps, among many others, thus positioning the state as a productive center that is relevant to a sector that constitutes the vanguard of global economy today.


Among Guadalajara’s places of cultural interest you can find: museums, archaeological sites, monuments, markets and magical towns. Examples of these attractions are the Cathedral, Cabañas Cultural Institute, Degollado Theater, San Juan de Dios Market, Regional museums, archeological ruins at Guachimontones, Tequila town, and many others. In addition to the historical, cultural and architectural attractions, where visitors can go and learn about Mexican culture, they can also visit the community surroundings, where they can find restaurants, shopping malls, sports clubs, entertainment venues, cinemas, among others.



You’ll find that Guadalajara’s numerous plazas, colonial architecture and modern conveniences make this a delightful city to visit.


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