Given its future vision, University of Guadalajara (UDG) provides students from around the world with the opportunity to learn, practice, and strengthen their academic skills, as well as the promotion of language-learning and the ability to interact in multi-cultural environments, respecting different values and appreciating people’s cultural diversity.


Therefore, the University is always honored to receive foreign students through the Spanish Program for Foreigners “PEPE”, because their presence helps the Institution in its international aspiration.






The Spanish Program for Foreigners “PEPE” is held in the cities of Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, and is taught by expert, certified professors of the Spanish language.


The program takes place in two university campuses:


CUCEA (Guadalajara)




CUCOSTA (Puerto Vallarta)




It is a four-week program that grants academic credits and consists of 100 hours of instruction, distributed in the following way:




The PEPE operates 6 levels of Spanish classes, which are held in the morning. Each level runs 60 hours total.


Students’ language level is evaluated first, by taking the online placement test, and second by taking an oral test on arrival.


Classes are taught by experienced, trained, and certified professors with the support of the Spanish Certification Center of UDG (CICELEM).


This course aims to develop communicative competence in the language, and is benchmarked with the linguistic descriptors of the Common European Framework of Reference  for Languages (CEFRL).





Along with the Spanish language and academic content courses, the University of Guadalajara will organize cultural activities and sightseeing trips. Some of the places to visit may include:






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