With the purpose of integrating a common benchmark in the process of foreign language teaching and learning, the International office at the University of Guadalajara has developed and implemented a language program called "Formación Internacional de Lenguas Extranjeras" (FILEX), which stands for Development of International Competences through the study of Foreign Languages.

FILEX seeks to assure academic quality through:

  • A similar Language Teaching Approach
  • An homogenous academic program
  • Qualified language professors 



The development of International Competences through the study of a foreign language will lead to:

  • Increase students' academic mobility.
  • Provide students with the necessary linguistic tools needed at graduate levels.
  • Provide better job opportunities.
  • Face the challenges of a globalized world.

Methodology Basis

FILEX is a program created under the communicative, interactionist and constructivist approaches that promotes the study of the four language skills: written comprehension, oral comprehension, written and oral expression. In these types of approaches preference is given to the use of language for communicative purposes about memory exercises (Long & Crookes, 1987). Study is promoted focused on the needs and interests of the student, that’s why the student’s role is more dynamic. Translation is avoided to cede room for problem resolution, interaction and meaning negotiation.


Linguistic Basis

The program attaches to the objectives, rules and mechanisms of evaluation in national and international contexts based on the following 3 documents:

  • Common European Framework of Reference
  • National Standards for Foreign Language Education (NALE)
  • SEP’s policies, standards and recommendations in regarding teaching and certification in foreign languages


Language Unit Functions (International Office)

The functions of the language unit, part of the Internationalization Promotion Unit of the International Office are the following:

  • To design and evaluate didactic materials
  • To arrange English language accreditation
  • To design strategies oriented towards strengthening language learning 


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