The Interinstitutional and International Relations Unit

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            Relaciones Interinstitucionales e Internacionales

This is the department of the CGCI that is charged with consolidating academic cooperation initiatives in areas of common interest between our institution and others.

In order to achieve this objective, the URII is responsible for the following programmes:

  • The administration of the student mobility programme.
  • The administration of the academic personnel mobility programme.
  • The management and formalization of the agreements of academic cooperation.
  • The coordination of protocol visits of representatives from related institutions. 


The Areas

1. Mobility Programme

  • Asia, the Caribbean, North America and Oceania Region
  • French-speaking Europe and Italy Region
  • Europe Region (except Spain, French-speaking countries and Italy)
  • Spain and Central America Region
  • South America Region
  • National



  • To coordinate relations between national and international institutions and the departments of the University Network.
  • To follow up established agreements and oversee their completion.
  • To operate exchange programmes and the mobility of students, academics and administrative personnel in conjunction with departments of the University Network.
  • To assist the departments of the Network with the invitation of international experts in areas of scientific knowledge.
  • To organize and coordinate the reception of exchange students.
  • To organize and coordinate the exit sesion for students of the University of Guadalajara
  • To orientate the students of the University of Guadalajara who are to undertake an exchange stay.
  • To design and administer, in conjunction with the departments of the Network, the institutional programme for the incorporation of overseas students who wish to undertake an academic stay in the University of Guadalajara.
  • To foster, and if need be, to organize the coexistence of overseas and local students.
  • To compile the general progress report of the agreements of student exchange for the purpose of composing a joint evaluation with the partner institution.
  • To supervise the academic stays of students from the University of Guadalajara in other national and international institutions.
  • To maintain an up-to-date system of information and dissemination regarding the actions undertaken by the international institutions, exchange opportunities, international cooperation and the institutions with whom an agreement exists and those which have a corresponding function.


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