Unit for the Promotion of Internationalization

Unidad de<br />
            Fomento a la Internacionalización

Is in charge of preparing, coordinating and following up a variety of proposals for the planning and evaluation with regard to the integration of the international dimension within institutional policies.


The Unit is in charge of preparing, coordinating and following up actions derived from the implementation the internationalization policy.

The Areas

  • Foreign languages
  • Planning and evaluation
  • Systems, design and dissemination



  • To propose actions that contribute to the integration of the international scope within the institutional polices that encompass teaching, research and postgraduate studies, human resources, the development of academic personnel, evaluation and accreditation.
  • To draw up proposals for the integration of the teaching of foreign languages within the curriculum, the design of courses, methods of teaching and learning, the design and implementation of institutional procedures in respect of the evaluation and certification of linguistic competence.
  • To coordinate and follow up the agreements with national and international organizations that support the learning of foreign languages.
  • To follow up the institutional development strategy of the academic programmes jointly formed with national and international institutions.
  • To maintain an up-to-date data bank of studies related to internationalization and international cooperation.
  • To design and operate the international promotional strategies of the institution.
  • In joint cooperation with the departments of the Network, to attend to the visiting delegations of other national and international institutions.
  • To support the General Rectory and the Vice Rectory with the organization of international events that pertain to the institution.
  • Any other corresponding functions.

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