The Administration Office of the General Coordination of Cooperation and Internationalization (CGCI)

Is responsible for registering and controlling all of the resources assigned to the General Coordination, such as the planning, budgeting and programming of the financial resources of the department in the areas of:


  • Finance
  • Personnel
  • Technical Support
  • Vehicles
  • Reception



  • To draw up the Budget Proposal and Annual Operative Plan for the General Coordination.
  • To account for the resources that are granted to the department.
  • To maintain a register of, and to administer all the property belonging to the General Coordination.
  • To exercise control over the budget of the General Coordination.
  • To coordinate the payment of salaries to the personnel of the department.
  • To deal with matters pertaining to the personnel of the department.
  • To propose the Training Programme for the personnel.
  • To draw up the requirements for the supply of materials for the department.
  • To provide support in the evaluation of the performance of the units that make up the department.
  • The control of correspondence.
  • The receipt of applications for financial support.
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