Agreements Area


  • To elaborate and revise agreement proposals which imply obligations and/or rights for the University of Guadalajara and which will be of the following type:
    • General Collaboration
    • Student Exchange Specific
    • Academic Staff Exchange Specific
  • To emit recommendations and observations for Academic Collaborations Specific Agreements, which are pretended to be signed between the University of Guadalajara and any other organization or institution, whether it’s of national or international nature.
  • To organize in coordination with Rectoria General, all the protocolary events in which the previous mentioned agreements may be signed whether they are of national or international nature.
  • To keep updated all the information related to the agreements validated by the CGCI in the transparency website of the University of Guadalajara.
  • To keep the current agreements data base found on the CGCI webpage updated, whether they are of a national or international kind.



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